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 Players who will lose house during the nearest server save (if they don't log in)
 No one will lose house.

 Players who can lose house if someone use house rune there (10 days being offline)
 Player House Town Size
Anabelle Di Orsio  Mercenary Tower  Thais  525 sqm
Drysien  The Tibianic  Thais  445 sqm
Squall  Dark Mansion  Thais  294 sqm
Flushacalm  Warriors Guildhall  Thais  255 sqm
Klapouchy Morderca  Steel Home  Venore  219 sqm
Angiix  Luminous Arc 1  Yalahar  147 sqm
Fitness  Blessed Shield Guildhall  Venore  126 sqm
Druidos  Upper Swamp Lane 4  Thais  114 sqm
Druidox  Upper Swamp Lane 2  Thais  114 sqm
Dotaro  Mill Avenue 2 (Shop)  Thais  78 sqm
Dantezo  Upper Swamp Lane 10  Thais  55 sqm
Drysiienn  Venir House 35  Venir  49 sqm
Dotarox  Alai Flats, Flat 03  Thais  30 sqm
Cammile  Rookgaard 02  Rookgaard  27 sqm
Dotax  Beach Home Apartments, Flat 04  Thais  22 sqm
Leo Szeff  Sunset Homes, Flat 03  Thais  22 sqm
Broni  Farm Lane, 1st floor (Shop)  Thais  15 sqm
Nathinus  Alai Flats, Flat 12  Thais  14 sqm
Lucyfer  Main Street 9a, 2nd floor (Shop)  Thais  12 sqm
Vinic  Sunset Homes, Flat 12  Thais  10 sqm
Zuza  Sunset Homes, Flat 24  Thais  10 sqm

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