Players Online:
IP Address:  |  Port: 7171  |  Client: 8.6

Events >> Massive Team Battle

Joining: when Massive Team Battle event is starting you can write command: "!mtb join".
Command "!mtb join" can be executed only in protection zone by players with level 80 or higher. When you type it you will be teleported to arena and added to blue or red team.
There can join up to 60 players (maximum fighters: 30 vs 30).
Massive Team Battle event lasts for 20 minutes or up 200 frags for one team.
If you die you will be teleported to the team's base - you will not lose experience/skills/loot.
After death you have to wait 20 seconds to fight again.
You can not attack your team mates. In the event Ultimate Explosions spells are disabled.
While joining to the event your all stealth rings will be removed.
Winner team receive item as a reward.

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