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 Players who will lose house during the nearest server save (if they don't log in)
 No one will lose house.

 Players who can lose house if someone use house rune there (10 days being offline)
 Player House Town Size
Giorgio Ulani  Sun Palace  Yalahar  449 sqm
Czibel  Cascade Towers  Yalahar  315 sqm
Deepsao  Castle of Greenshore  Thais  254 sqm
Arya And Bolden  Rookgaard Castle  Rookgaard  215 sqm
Numath  Golden Axe Guildhall  Venore  175 sqm
Sir Esik  Greenshore Clanhall  Thais  133 sqm
Jebany Top One  Oken Residence  Oken  131 sqm
Lesny  Upper Swamp Lane 4  Thais  114 sqm
Anchius  Sky Lane, Sea Tower  Edron  80 sqm
Queerc  Upper Swamp Lane 12  Thais  76 sqm
Vantage  Harbour Place 1 (Shop)  Thais  40 sqm
Foczka  Gengia House 03  Gengia  38 sqm
Kosmoski  Wood Avenue 4c  Edron  32 sqm
Qajn  Soutland House 05  Soutland  30 sqm
Roxybel  Beach Home Apartments, Flat 03  Thais  22 sqm
Prostak  Sunset Homes, Flat 03  Thais  22 sqm
Others  Norba House 17  28  19 sqm
Baron  Park Lane 4  Carlin  16 sqm
Terminator  Park Lane 2  Carlin  16 sqm
Bednarost  Main Street 9a, 2nd floor (Shop)  Thais  12 sqm

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