Players Online:
IP Address:  |  Port: 7171  |  Client: 8.6

In-game commands
!bug text Send bug report
/off player, text Send offline message to player. This player will receive your message after logging in.
You must have at least 150 level to send offline message
!bless Buy all Blessings (it gives additionaly protection item loss +100%) - 50000 gold coins
!aol Buy amulet of loss - 20000 gold coins
!promotion Buy promotion - 20000 gold coins
!spells Check what spells you can use
!soft Repair your soft boots - 10000 gold coins
!firewalker, !fwb Repair your firewalker boots - 10000 gold coins
!go Change all guild members outfit (only for leaders)
!gop Change all party members outfit (only for leaders)
!guildonline Check online players from your guild (can be executed only on the guild channel)
/bg text Send to all guild members a message in red
!frags Check your frags
!deathlist player Show player's deaths
!save Save your character (you don't have to use it - your character is saved often automatically)
!online Check amount of players online
!q Show your money count
!serverinfo Server Info
!uptime Check server uptime
!tp nick Teleport player with level lower than 120 to temple (available in wars)
/commands See all commands

House commands
!buyhouse Buy house (+120lvl)
alana grav Sell house to someone (e.g. alana grav Isengrim)
alana sio Kick someone
aleta grav List of people who can open/close door
aleta sio Invite player to house
aleta som Take a person to be sub-owner of house
!leavehouse Leave house. Stuff from your home will be moved to depot. Remember that you can have up to 1000 items in every city's depot.

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