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 Character Information
 Name:  Zed Orbital
 Sex: male
 Profession: Elite Knight
 Level: 387
 World: Thornera
 House: Crystal Glance (Svargrond)
 Guild Membership: Member of the Reckless
 Balance: 59029290 gold coins
 Last login: 8 hours ago
 Created: 2 months ago
 Character views: 483
 Health: 5870/5870
 Stamina:42:00 of 42:00
 Experience:387 Level, 956595245 experience
 To Next Level:27% left (1977955 experience needed)

Level ML Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Def Fishing
387 11 19 10 143 10 10 135 10

PvP Statistics
 Kills/Deaths Ratio
 Frags: 44
 Deaths: 7
 Assists: 87

Quests Completed
Quests: 14/62
Tasks: 0/32
Addons: 16/46
 Dreamer's Challenge Rank: Dreamer Postman Rank: no rank
 Daily Quest0%
 The New Frontier Quest100%
 Children of the Revolution Quest40.91%
 The Ape City Quest0%
 Wrath of the Emperor Quest0%
 The Spirit Will Get You Quest0%
 A Father's Burden Quest0%
 An Interest In Botany Quest0%
 Royal Rescue Quest0%
 The Thieves Guild Quest0%
 Isle of Evil Quest0%
 Tomes of Knowledge Quest41.67%
 Helmet of the Ancients Quest0%
 Kissing a Pig Quest0%
 Unnatural Selection Quest2.38%
 Uneasy Alliance Quest16.67%
 Sea of Light Quest0%
 Postman Quest0%
 The Inquisition Quest100%
 The Pits of Inferno Quest100%
 Elemental Spheres Quest0%
 Dreamer's Challenge Quest100%
 Senja Castle Quest0%
 The Annihilator Quest100%
 Demon Helmet Quest100%
 In Service of Yalahar Quest100%
 The Firewalker Boots Quest0%
 The Demon Oak Quest100%
 Dwarven Armor Quest0%
 Barbarian Test Quest100%
 Barbarian Quest: Greenhorn Arena100%
 Barbarian Quest: Scrapper Arena100%
 Barbarian Quest: Warlord Arena100%
 Draconia Quest0%
 To Outfox a Fox Quest0%
 Koshei the Deathless Quest0%
 Parchment Room Quest100%
 The Paradox Tower Quest0%
 Yakchal Mission0%
 Crystal Wand Quest0%
 Elvenbane Quest0%
 Vampire Shield Quest100%
 Behemoth Quest0%
 The Queen of the Banshees Quest0%
 Necromancer Quest0%
 Deeper Fibula Quest0%
 Crusader Helmet Quest0%
 Fire Axe Quest0%
 Circle Room Quest0%
 Shadowthorn Quest0%
 Orc Fortress Quest0%
 Naginata Quest0%
 Mad Mage Room Quest0%
 Black Knight Quest0%
 Bright Sword Quest0%
 DTD Quest0%
 Ornamented Shield Quest0%
 Triangle Tower Quest0%
 Lighthouse Quest0%
 The Desert Dungeon Quest0%
 Lands Quest0%
 The Forgotten Quest0%
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 2 weeks agoKilled at level 384 by a demon.
 3 weeks agoKilled at level 384 by a demon, Ferumbras and Francisco Villa.
 1 month agoKilled at level 373 by Sykator, Drackes and Atiss.
 1 month agoKilled at level 366 by Atlas Shrugged, a juggernaut and a hand of cursed fate.
 1 month agoKilled at level 367 by Rothschild, Negativ and Syndykat.
 1 month agoKilled at level 359 by Chlopulek Reg, Anapolon and Psotnik.
 1 month agoKilled at level 357 by Rothschild, Deszczu Strugi and Anubis.
 2 months agoKilled at level 329 by a hand of cursed fate, a betrayed wraith and a spectre.
 2 months agoKilled at level 299 by a grim reaper, Hustler and a demon.
 2 months agoKilled at level 292 by a hellfire fighter, a hellhound and a demon.

 1 week ago He fragged Darego at level 406. Unjustified
 1 week ago He fragged Pandora at level 468. Unjustified
 1 week ago He fragged Paralaxa at level 255. Unjustified
 1 week ago He fragged Evil Papagali at level 170. War Related
 1 week ago He fragged Paladin Rex at level 276. Justified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Paladin Rex at level 272. Justified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Odwrocony at level 456. Unjustified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Rasputin at level 457. Unjustified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Marta at level 350. Unjustified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Marta at level 345. Unjustified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Ysiek at level 430. Unjustified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Marta at level 336. Unjustified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Im All In at level 356. Justified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Ysiek at level 425. Unjustified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Mike Ed at level 404. Unjustified
 2 weeks ago He fragged Cappi at level 422. Justified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Dead Knight at level 241. Unjustified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Gawel at level 200. Unjustified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Szydlo at level 215. Unjustified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Qwas at level 310. Justified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Lubie Schabowego at level 451. Justified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Arcon at level 363. Unjustified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Doobie at level 220. Justified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Draxler at level 403. Unjustified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Mam Cie Pipko at level 397. Justified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Farma Zone at level 253. Justified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Ory at level 325. Justified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Ory at level 326. Unjustified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Hamii at level 437. Unjustified
 3 weeks ago He fragged Hamii-i at level 435. Unjustified
 Account Information
 Created: 2 months ago
 Name Level
 Master Aiden 229 Elite Knight
 Zed Kongfue 100 Elite Knight
 Zed Orbital 387 Elite Knight
 Zed Paladinx 101 Paladin
 Zed Sink 273 Elder Druid
 Zed Switch 33 Sorcerer

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