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 Character Information
 Name:  Szpinak Meister
 Sex: female
 Profession: Elder Druid
 Level: 400
 World: Thornera
 Guild Membership: Member of the Jaglak Team
 Balance: 0 gold coins
 Last login: 3 months ago
 Created: 4 months ago
 Character views: 610
 Health: 2145/2145
 Stamina:42:00 of 42:00
 Experience:400 Level, 1053352731 experience
 To Next Level:68% left (5367269 experience needed)

Level ML Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Def Fishing
400 108 21 10 10 10 10 30 10

PvP Statistics
 Kills/Deaths Ratio
 Frags: 0
 Deaths: 0
 Assists: 0

Quests Completed
Quests: 45/62
Tasks: 1/32
Addons: 21/46
 Dreamer's Challenge Rank: Dread Lord Postman Rank: Archpostman
 Daily Quest0%
 The New Frontier Quest100%
 Children of the Revolution Quest100%
 The Ape City Quest100%
 Wrath of the Emperor Quest93.18%
 The Spirit Will Get You Quest0%
 A Father's Burden Quest0%
 An Interest In Botany Quest0%
 Royal Rescue Quest0%
 The Thieves Guild Quest0%
 Isle of Evil Quest0%
 Tomes of Knowledge Quest25%
 Helmet of the Ancients Quest0%
 Kissing a Pig Quest0%
 Unnatural Selection Quest2.38%
 Uneasy Alliance Quest16.67%
 Sea of Light Quest100%
 Postman Quest100%
 The Inquisition Quest100%
 The Pits of Inferno Quest100%
 Elemental Spheres Quest100%
 Dreamer's Challenge Quest100%
 Senja Castle Quest0%
 The Annihilator Quest100%
 Demon Helmet Quest100%
 In Service of Yalahar Quest100%
 The Firewalker Boots Quest100%
 The Demon Oak Quest100%
 Dwarven Armor Quest0%
 Barbarian Test Quest100%
 Barbarian Quest: Greenhorn Arena100%
 Barbarian Quest: Scrapper Arena100%
 Barbarian Quest: Warlord Arena100%
 Draconia Quest100%
 To Outfox a Fox Quest100%
 Koshei the Deathless Quest100%
 Parchment Room Quest100%
 The Paradox Tower Quest100%
 Yakchal Mission0%
 Crystal Wand Quest100%
 Elvenbane Quest100%
 Vampire Shield Quest100%
 Behemoth Quest100%
 The Queen of the Banshees Quest100%
 Necromancer Quest100%
 Deeper Fibula Quest100%
 Crusader Helmet Quest100%
 Fire Axe Quest100%
 Circle Room Quest100%
 Shadowthorn Quest100%
 Orc Fortress Quest100%
 Naginata Quest100%
 Mad Mage Room Quest100%
 Black Knight Quest100%
 Bright Sword Quest100%
 DTD Quest100%
 Ornamented Shield Quest100%
 Triangle Tower Quest100%
 Lighthouse Quest100%
 The Desert Dungeon Quest100%
 Lands Quest0%
 The Forgotten Quest100%
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 3 months agoKilled at level 395 by a fire elemental.
 3 months agoKilled at level 392 by a demon and a fire elemental.
 4 months agoKilled at level 376 by Primito Toloquito, Morgaroth and Valtoy.
 4 months agoKilled at level 374 by Pdw Lesny, Szalwia Szamna Bor and Romeo.
 4 months agoKilled at level 370 by a lizard zaogun, a draken spellweaver and a draken warmaster.
 4 months agoKilled at level 371 by a demon.
 4 months agoKilled at level 371 by Orshabaal.
 4 months agoKilled at level 361 by a hellfire fighter, a massive fire elemental and a spectre.
 4 months agoKilled at level 362 by Von Mack, Trempis and Von Pzyclone.
 4 months agoKilled at level 357 by a phantasm, a plaguesmith and a betrayed wraith.

 4 months ago She fragged Stop Islam Europe at level 378. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Absztyfkant at level 331. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Awesome Krzys at level 302. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Wyszczelony at level 359. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Oralny Dzikus at level 289. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Bruntie at level 413. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Von Trong at level 299. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Hult at level 408. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Hult at level 409. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Koshei at level 251. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Zipixii at level 313. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Kapi at level 260. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Master Aka Zabijaka at level 321. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Blanty Krence at level 329. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Soho at level 239. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Yebac at level 303. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Gabbar at level 134. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Suite at level 240. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Sir Mary at level 302. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Suite at level 241. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Suite at level 241. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Nerwowy at level 224. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Antenka at level 233. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Suite at level 242. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Kasa at level 329. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Suite at level 243. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Oskarek Siohaj at level 274. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Kortnej at level 234. Justified
 4 months ago She fragged Wnuczek Lks at level 372. Unjustified
 4 months ago She fragged Lesionn at level 353. Unjustified
 Account Information
 Name Level
 Aidann 394 Royal Paladin
 Akyevv 404 Elder Druid
 Alastrad 411 Royal Paladin
 Alfons 398 Master Sorcerer
 Alpha Pharma 402 Elite Knight
 Arcelinio 404 Elite Knight
 Archer 392 Elder Druid
 Archeros 399 Royal Paladin
 Archmage 393 Master Sorcerer
 Ariitz 396 Master Sorcerer
 Arkazann 402 Elite Knight
 Awesome Boy 452 Elder Druid
 Awesome Gogozz 391 Elder Druid
 Azdaam 405 Master Sorcerer
 Ballantines 414 Royal Paladin
 Biska 410 Master Sorcerer
 Bitch 392 Elder Druid
 Blejku 403 Elder Druid
 Blitz Wraca 399 Elder Druid
 Bolt 397 Royal Paladin
 Bongoo 412 Elite Knight
 Boom 453 Master Sorcerer
 Brasist 407 Master Sorcerer
 Bruntie 412 Master Sorcerer
 Bulgariono 397 Elder Druid
 Cara Sepia 413 Elder Druid
 Carian Von Cash 402 Royal Paladin
 Carian Von Petowiec 404 Elder Druid
 Chce Robic Money 397 Elder Druid
 Clear 412 Royal Paladin
 Commander 407 Elder Druid
 Coral 401 Elder Druid
 Crazy Archeros 444 Elite Knight
 Crazy Frogs 395 Royal Paladin
 Crazy Froog 407 Elder Druid
 Cst 398 Elite Knight
 Czeba Ms 402 Master Sorcerer
 Damon 397 Master Sorcerer
 Dan Archeros 397 Royal Paladin
 Dark Palek 425 Royal Paladin
 Dawidek 395 Elder Druid
 Dejna 396 Royal Paladin
 Deletera 415 Royal Paladin
 Demonic Ed 391 Elder Druid
 Den Archeros 398 Royal Paladin
 Depria 425 Elder Druid
 Desticus 407 Royal Paladin
 Dildos Waginson 449 Royal Paladin
 Dinko 410 Elder Druid
 Diverse 445 Master Sorcerer
 Dlugi 426 Royal Paladin
 Dominic De Coco 401 Elite Knight
 Don Archeros 400 Royal Paladin
 Donald Trump 404 Elder Druid
 Dongural 407 Master Sorcerer
 Drall 401 Elder Druid
 Dreuxz 406 Elder Druid
 Dritcms 417 Royal Paladin
 Druide'k 401 Elder Druid
 Dzeejsonn 415 Elite Knight
 Ek Lausion 395 Elite Knight
 Ekej 436 Elite Knight
 El Del Gas 406 Elder Druid
 Elder Criminal 409 Elder Druid
 Elfernat Old 404 Master Sorcerer
 Elizabeth 402 Master Sorcerer
 Embii 418 Elder Druid
 Emes 410 Master Sorcerer
 Emesem 401 Master Sorcerer
 Erooth 410 Elder Druid
 Etylotrimetylohepta 396 Royal Paladin
 Expilian 407 Elder Druid
 Fabregass 390 Master Sorcerer
 Filipovsky 394 Royal Paladin
 Filtro 399 Elder Druid
 Flipp 405 Master Sorcerer
 Fryzjerovsky 399 Elite Knight
 Furora Natalia 390 Master Sorcerer
 Gamoninho 295 No vocation
 Gram Tylko Dwa Dni 390 Elder Druid
 Grubinho'legend 451 Royal Paladin
 Guofa 395 Elder Druid
 Gym Braindead 403 Elder Druid
 Havoczek 410 Elite Knight
 Havoczka 461 Elder Druid
 Hor Polskar 396 Royal Paladin
 Hovaro 452 Elder Druid
 Hult 406 Master Sorcerer
 Hunted 400 Elite Knight
 Hw Dp 413 Royal Paladin
 Ililililililililili 418 Royal Paladin
 In Dream Happy 391 Master Sorcerer
 Incogniito 401 Royal Paladin
 Interek 401 Royal Paladin
 Jajcus 390 Elder Druid
 Jamjestsynkrolewski 404 Elder Druid
 Jare 400 Elite Knight
 Jareczek 432 Royal Paladin
 Jarpen 403 Elder Druid
 Jashutikanishpalio 433 Elite Knight
 Jasnie Wielmozny 397 Elder Druid
 Jassoon 403 Master Sorcerer
 Jovej Biznesmen 391 Elder Druid
 Jozin Bsnt 416 Elder Druid
 Jumpzor 412 Royal Paladin
 Jush 401 Elder Druid
 Kapi 401 Royal Paladin
 Kapitan Tank 391 Elder Druid
 Karakan 422 Master Sorcerer
 Kasza Jaglana 400 Royal Paladin
 Kefir 435 Royal Paladin
 Kha'zix 404 Royal Paladin
 Kharsek 404 Elite Knight
 Kill Er 405 Elder Druid
 Kminex 461 Royal Paladin
 Knajtek 441 Elite Knight
 Knight Logini 397 Elite Knight
 Knightinio 399 Elite Knight
 Konfabulant 399 Master Sorcerer
 Kubota 403 Elder Druid
 Kvaku 421 Elder Druid
 La Vida Loca 394 Elder Druid
 Labeusz 409 Royal Paladin
 Lady Katrina 401 Master Sorcerer
 Leje Sie Tequilla 394 Royal Paladin
 Leo Here 403 Elite Knight
 Lermin 398 Elder Druid
 Lesiu 392 Elite Knight
 Levandis 396 Elite Knight
 Liten Druid 481 Elder Druid
 Lolitk'a 419 Elite Knight
 Lolka 399 Royal Paladin
 Loot Sraker Baker 401 Elite Knight
 Lord Boko 418 Royal Paladin
 Lubie Ciskac Sana 399 Royal Paladin
 Luca Brassi 403 Elite Knight
 Lucyfer Leviatan 413 Royal Paladin
 Lysy Propefalper 426 Elder Druid
 Maarduuk 398 Elite Knight
 Mamonka Sie Zgadza 392 Elite Knight
 Marduk 450 Elder Druid
 Marduk Ekk 390 Elite Knight
 Marduuk 394 Elite Knight
 Mariola Proca 402 Royal Paladin
 Maro From Uk 405 Master Sorcerer
 Master Aka Zabijaka 421 Royal Paladin
 Master Pawner 453 Elite Knight
 Matmen Von Zalika 401 Paladin
 Maxi Jebucki Tank 446 Elite Knight
 Mefedronztargowka 402 Royal Paladin
 Mesiu'knight 403 Elder Druid
 Mietek Kanalarz 403 Elite Knight
 Mistah Jangelz 416 Royal Paladin
 Mistrzowska Strzala 404 Royal Paladin
 Mlody Raz Dwa 405 Elder Druid
 My Name 398 Elder Druid
 Mystic 393 Royal Paladin
 Nafukany Elektryk 407 Elder Druid
 Najwyzszy Szczebel 413 Royal Paladin
 Natalie Starr 395 Elder Druid
 Navath 400 Elite Knight
 Negerr 390 Royal Paladin
 Negredo 414 Royal Paladin
 Nerd 417 Elder Druid
 New Owner 452 Elder Druid
 No Sex Go Exp 413 Royal Paladin
 Norsky Brate 404 Elder Druid
 Ogarnij 400 Master Sorcerer
 Old Rybak 396 Elder Druid
 Osamaciezajebe 405 Royal Paladin
 Ostra Strzala 419 Royal Paladin
 Osw 408 Elite Knight
 Oxymetholone 402 Elite Knight
 Pal Ek 417 Royal Paladin
 Paladyn 397 Elite Knight
 Paladyncok 441 Royal Paladin
 Paladyncokk 405 Royal Paladin
 Pawlacz 416 Royal Paladin
 Phill 450 Master Sorcerer
 Phoenix Old 397 Elite Knight
 Piekarnia Bulek 391 Royal Paladin
 Pigall'e 399 Elite Knight
 Piksa Ek 400 Elite Knight
 Pisan 438 Master Sorcerer
 Primito Toloquito 440 Master Sorcerer
 Profesor 435 Elite Knight
 Przemo Paralyzer 402 Elder Druid
 Puc Will Made It 426 Master Sorcerer
 Puki Style 434 Royal Paladin
 Qjonek 407 Elder Druid
 Qwiickzz 401 Elder Druid
 Radosbaze 400 Elite Knight
 Raxxor 471 Elite Knight
 Retyo 422 Royal Paladin
 Rezyser Porno 394 Elite Knight
 Romeo 400 Elder Druid
 Royal Lausion 401 Royal Paladin
 Royal Paladin 433 Royal Paladin
 Rozentuzjazmowany 403 Paladin
 Rp Pogo 394 Royal Paladin
 Rucham Panny 402 Elder Druid
 Ryszard Lwie Serce 401 Royal Paladin
 Ryzotto 411 Elder Druid
 Samiecalfa 400 Elite Knight
 Sasori 404 Master Sorcerer
 Selena Gomez 401 Elder Druid
 Sethes 428 Elite Knight
 Shadoov 406 Royal Paladin
 Shadow Evil 406 Royal Paladin
 Shizm Zako 396 Elite Knight
 Shogun 408 Elder Druid
 Shyshinho 401 Master Sorcerer
 Sidron 425 Elite Knight
 Sir Dany Dflg 412 Elder Druid
 Sir Pephy 416 Master Sorcerer
 Sirer 419 Royal Paladin
 Skunek Savage 397 Elite Knight
 Slazz 390 Elder Druid
 Slutzneoi 411 Elite Knight
 Sonny Fighter 424 Elite Knight
 Spoxer Cashmaker 408 Elite Knight
 Spoxerovsky 412 Elder Druid
 Squnxx 399 Elder Druid
 Stefciu Waleczny 402 Elite Knight
 Stefek Waleczny 456 Royal Paladin
 Supra 422 Elder Druid
 Sutek 409 Master Sorcerer
 Swotus 401 Master Sorcerer
 Symylybysybydy 399 Elder Druid
 Syriusz Black 403 Elder Druid
 Szaranek Dominando 397 Elder Druid
 Szmuglans 444 Master Sorcerer
 Szmuglanz 390 Royal Paladin
 Szogun 412 Master Sorcerer
 Szon 401 Master Sorcerer
 Szpinak Meister 400 Elder Druid
 Tabularaza 409 Master Sorcerer
 Tag 390 Royal Paladin
 Tatra Jasne Pelne 398 Elite Knight
 Ten Maly Lannister 406 Royal Paladin
 Torexx 394 Master Sorcerer
 Trempis 404 Royal Paladin
 Trol 401 Elite Knight
 Turbosraczka 393 Elder Druid
 Tyra'rp 401 Royal Paladin
 Urukan 439 Master Sorcerer
 Vajrus 403 Elder Druid
 Valtoy 398 Elder Druid
 Vegaseaek 445 Elder Druid
 Venito 453 Royal Paladin
 Venome 410 Royal Paladin
 Vipper 417 Elder Druid
 Vistrool 396 Royal Paladin
 Vodka Mains 397 Elder Druid
 Volcaz 456 Master Sorcerer
 Von Bauge 420 Royal Paladin
 Von Hult 437 Elite Knight
 Vtec 418 Elite Knight
 Wijas Sprawca Fraga 410 Elder Druid
 Wjezdzam Na Pizde 408 Master Sorcerer
 Wnuczek Lks 457 Royal Paladin
 Woldox 425 Master Sorcerer
 Wujas 414 Royal Paladin
 Wyimaginowany 393 Master Sorcerer
 Xana Ratana 431 Elder Druid
 Xavato 415 Elder Druid
 Yalahar 392 Elder Druid
 Zapierdalam Densa 412 Royal Paladin
 Zikss 407 Master Sorcerer
 Zyj Chwila Or Tibia 438 Master Sorcerer
 Zyzz 441 Elder Druid

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