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 Character Information
 Name:  Gestobrody
 Sex: male
 Profession: No vocation
 Level: 252
 World: Thornera
 Last login: 2 months ago
 Created: 4 months ago
 Character views: 176
 Health: 1337/1405
 Stamina:42:00 of 42:00
 Experience:252 Level, 261938407 experience
 To Next Level:52% left (1636793 experience needed)

Level ML Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Def Fishing
252 7 16 26 11 24 15 32 10

Quests (Rookgaard)
Quests Completed:     7% (2/30)
 Daily Quest0%
 Bear Room Quest0%
 Captain Iglues Treasure Quest0%
 Combat Knife Quest0%
 Doublet Quest0%
 Dragon Corpse Quest0%
 Goblin Temple Quest0%
 Katana Quest0%
 Minotaur Hell Quest100%
 Present Box Quest0%
 Rapier Quest0%
 Short Sword Quest0%
 Small Health Potion Quest0%
 Studded Legs Quest0%
 Studded Shield Quest0%
 Student Book Quest0%
 Torch Quest0%
 Druid Outfits Quest0%
 Citizen Outfits Quest0%
 Spike Sword Quest0%
 Isle of Contrabandists Quest0%
 Tomb Quest0%
 Deep Rookgaard Quest0%
 The Djinn War Quest0%
 Rookgaard Complex Quest5%
 Behemoth Claw Quest0%
 Annihilator Quest100%
 Jewel Quest0%
 Big Hunt Quest0%
 VipLand Quest0%

 3 months agoKilled at level 251 by a ghoul.
 3 months agoKilled at level 220 by a frost dragon hatchling.
 3 months agoKilled at level 167 by a frost dragon hatchling.
 3 months agoKilled at level 157 by a gazer.
 Account Information
 Created: 4 months ago
 Name Level
 Bolonca Paha 320 Royal Paladin
 Er Pe 312 Royal Paladin
 Gestobrody 252 No vocation
 Jak To 290 Master Sorcerer
 Kolorowa Kredka Zua 110 No vocation
 Singham 201 Druid
 Sraken 351 Royal Paladin

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