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 Character Information
 Name:  Evil Papagali
 Sex: male
 Profession: Master Sorcerer
 Level: 425
 World: Thornera
 Guild Membership: Kittyfounder of the Send Nudes
 Balance: 7000000 gold coins
 Last login: 2 months ago
 Created: 3 months ago
 Character views: 752
 Health: 2270/2270
 Stamina:42:00 of 42:00
 Experience:425 Level, 1267460283 experience
 To Next Level:33% left (2992217 experience needed)

Level ML Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Def Fishing
425 107 10 10 10 10 10 28 14

PvP Statistics
 Kills/Deaths Ratio
 Frags: 0
 Deaths: 0
 Assists: 0

Quests Completed
Quests: 5/62
Tasks: 2/32
Addons: 2/46
 Dreamer's Challenge Rank: no rank Postman Rank: no rank
 Daily Quest0%
 The New Frontier Quest0%
 Children of the Revolution Quest0%
 The Ape City Quest0%
 Wrath of the Emperor Quest0%
 The Spirit Will Get You Quest0%
 A Father's Burden Quest0%
 An Interest In Botany Quest0%
 Royal Rescue Quest0%
 The Thieves Guild Quest0%
 Isle of Evil Quest100%
 Tomes of Knowledge Quest0%
 Helmet of the Ancients Quest0%
 Kissing a Pig Quest0%
 Unnatural Selection Quest0%
 Uneasy Alliance Quest0%
 Sea of Light Quest0%
 Postman Quest0%
 The Inquisition Quest16.67%
 The Pits of Inferno Quest0%
 Elemental Spheres Quest0%
 Dreamer's Challenge Quest0%
 Senja Castle Quest0%
 The Annihilator Quest0%
 Demon Helmet Quest0%
 In Service of Yalahar Quest100%
 The Firewalker Boots Quest0%
 The Demon Oak Quest0%
 Dwarven Armor Quest100%
 Barbarian Test Quest0%
 Barbarian Quest: Greenhorn Arena0%
 Barbarian Quest: Scrapper Arena0%
 Barbarian Quest: Warlord Arena0%
 Draconia Quest0%
 To Outfox a Fox Quest0%
 Koshei the Deathless Quest0%
 Parchment Room Quest0%
 The Paradox Tower Quest0%
 Yakchal Mission0%
 Crystal Wand Quest0%
 Elvenbane Quest0%
 Vampire Shield Quest0%
 Behemoth Quest0%
 The Queen of the Banshees Quest0%
 Necromancer Quest0%
 Deeper Fibula Quest100%
 Crusader Helmet Quest100%
 Fire Axe Quest0%
 Circle Room Quest0%
 Shadowthorn Quest0%
 Orc Fortress Quest0%
 Naginata Quest0%
 Mad Mage Room Quest0%
 Black Knight Quest0%
 Bright Sword Quest0%
 DTD Quest0%
 Ornamented Shield Quest0%
 Triangle Tower Quest0%
 Lighthouse Quest0%
 The Desert Dungeon Quest0%
 Lands Quest0%
 The Forgotten Quest0%
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 2 months agoKilled at level 426 by Ed Rzeszowskiej Mar, Tokyo and Kysiok.
 3 months agoKilled at level 415 by Malick, Say'ko and Anonymous Mc Two.
 3 months agoKilled at level 416 by Old Maria, Malick and Say'ko.
 3 months agoKilled at level 412 by a fury, Flushacalm and Dawka.
 3 months agoKilled at level 407 by Angry Non Koneksja, Myk and Kurwy Rozjadewalcem.
 3 months agoKilled at level 407 by Ek, Edek and Maly Wlochaty Lemur.
 3 months agoKilled at level 408 by Bialy Rumcajs, Ek and Maly Wlochaty Lemur.
 3 months agoKilled at level 405 by a hand of cursed fate, a spectre and a crystal spider.
 3 months agoKilled at level 406 by a hellfire fighter, Ventor and Dawka.
 3 months agoKilled at level 407 by Legendarny Pawelek, King Warrior and Flupii The Git.

 2 months ago He fragged Gradens at level 386. Unjustified
 2 months ago He fragged Ed Rzeszowskiej Mar at level 397. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Roger at level 207. Unjustified
 2 months ago He fragged Cho No Tu at level 487. Unjustified
 2 months ago He fragged Kysiok at level 351. Unjustified
 2 months ago He fragged Ed Rzeszowskiej Mar at level 398. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Magick at level 365. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Mistic at level 390. Unjustified
 2 months ago He fragged Satan Inside at level 426. Unjustified
 2 months ago He fragged Warlockk at level 450. Unjustified
 2 months ago He fragged Jebany Top One at level 448. Unjustified
 2 months ago He fragged Stop Target at level 344. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Stop Target at level 344. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Stop Target at level 346. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Stop Target at level 347. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Stop Target at level 347. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Stop Target at level 349. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Stop Target at level 351. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Ewa at level 370. Justified
 2 months ago He fragged Davio at level 421. Justified
 3 months ago He fragged Old Straicker at level 337. Unjustified
 3 months ago He fragged Old Maria at level 355. Unjustified
 3 months ago He fragged Calm at level 357. Justified
 3 months ago He fragged Blokam Banuutee at level 358. Justified
 3 months ago He fragged Wujek Janek at level 318. Justified
 3 months ago He fragged Elderkof at level 434. Justified
 3 months ago He fragged Mickele at level 358. Justified
 3 months ago He fragged Wieniek at level 412. Justified
 3 months ago He fragged Shadeo Sha at level 341. Justified
 3 months ago He fragged Wieniek at level 413. Justified
 Account Information
 Name Level
 Adecristo 432 Royal Paladin
 Alan 403 Master Sorcerer
 Alehk 411 Elder Druid
 Alestry 414 Elder Druid
 Alex Teixera 427 Master Sorcerer
 Anacconda 406 Elite Knight
 Andromeda 454 Royal Paladin
 Andy Brennan 410 Royal Paladin
 Angiix 453 Royal Paladin
 Angry Non Koneksja 419 Elder Druid
 Assa 394 Elder Druid
 Awesome Mayan 394 Elder Druid
 Ba'zz 399 Elite Knight
 Bajamor 403 Elder Druid
 Bakam Bakam 395 Master Sorcerer
 Barabasz 409 Royal Paladin
 Bazz 449 Royal Paladin
 Beata Kozidrak 407 Royal Paladin
 Biska 394 Master Sorcerer
 Black Mastah 408 Master Sorcerer
 Blekta Pattar 392 Master Sorcerer
 Bloomey 402 Elder Druid
 Brudas Nieudas 392 Elder Druid
 Brutala Fistaren 395 Master Sorcerer
 Burdel Aldonix 409 Master Sorcerer
 Calle Darkshape 456 Elder Druid
 Charlesten 412 Master Sorcerer
 Cho No Tu 489 Royal Paladin
 Dabliu 396 Master Sorcerer
 Dac Ek 407 Elite Knight
 Dany Dflg 408 Elder Druid
 Davio 420 Elder Druid
 Dilu 401 Elite Knight
 Dobra Ide 461 Elder Druid
 Dopalacz 403 Royal Paladin
 Dunder Amo 411 Elite Knight
 Ed Rzeszowskiej Mar 447 Elder Druid
 Edi 402 Elder Druid
 Eka 400 Elite Knight
 El Rafko 414 Master Sorcerer
 Elder Johan 392 Elder Druid
 Elder Ungreez 401 Master Sorcerer
 Elite Ungreez 400 Elite Knight
 Elkaztero 410 Royal Paladin
 Evil Papagali 425 Master Sorcerer
 Ezabilla 440 Elite Knight
 Faifer 429 Royal Paladin
 Fezk Biff 451 Elder Druid
 Firenus 410 Elite Knight
 Fission 413 Elite Knight
 Five Years Retarded 438 Elite Knight
 Flicksaft 405 Elite Knight
 Forever 446 Elder Druid
 Frugo 401 Royal Paladin
 Furks 474 Royal Paladin
 Gebba Darkrose 405 Royal Paladin
 Gnat 403 Master Sorcerer
 Gran Torino 463 Royal Paladin
 Grzenek Rp 456 Royal Paladin
 Guma 452 Elite Knight
 Hajsek 406 Royal Paladin
 Hekayo 397 Royal Paladin
 Helionkun 405 Royal Paladin
 Henrykovsky 401 Royal Paladin
 Hojtaren 405 Royal Paladin
 Howrad 400 Elder Druid
 Illegal Billan 433 Master Sorcerer
 Illegal Johan 392 Elder Druid
 Insane Cpajsport 393 Elder Druid
 Insane Loker 401 Royal Paladin
 Insane Lolika Ede 427 Elite Knight
 Insane Pephy 401 Master Sorcerer
 Insane Sir Koksu 419 Master Sorcerer
 Jamajca No Problem 390 Elder Druid
 James Bond 401 Elder Druid
 James Caros 416 Royal Paladin
 Jebac Cie Szmato 452 Royal Paladin
 Jls'sweetweed 397 Master Sorcerer
 Johncena 420 Master Sorcerer
 Jovi 473 Royal Paladin
 Kazslo 400 Elder Druid
 Ketszot Born To Win 400 Elder Druid
 Klata Plecy Barki 400 Royal Paladin
 Komuch 451 Royal Paladin
 Krwawy Aperitif 399 Master Sorcerer
 Kurczaczek 454 Elite Knight
 Kurwy Rozjadewalcem 457 Elder Druid
 Kylymgo 422 Elder Druid
 Kysiok 407 Elder Druid
 Latika 529 Master Sorcerer
 Legendson 403 Royal Paladin
 Lesion 409 Elder Druid
 Lesny 445 Master Sorcerer
 Litosciwy Samarytan 403 Royal Paladin
 Little Loli Archer 431 Royal Paladin
 Lord'paulistinha 402 Elite Knight
 Lucy 417 Elder Druid
 Lucyfer 410 Royal Paladin
 Ludo Here 481 Royal Paladin
 Lysy Blondyn 409 Elite Knight
 Maantra 404 Elite Knight
 Magda 408 Royal Paladin
 Maly Wizak 400 Royal Paladin
 Maly Wlochaty Lemur 391 Elder Druid
 Maratonczyk 403 Master Sorcerer
 Marek Agresor 392 Elder Druid
 Martwe Dziecko 393 Master Sorcerer
 Mef 406 Elite Knight
 Mefedron Sentinel 400 Royal Paladin
 Mefi 431 Royal Paladin
 Melodyjna Nerka 424 Master Sorcerer
 Mente Loka 408 Elder Druid
 Mistic 406 Royal Paladin
 Mr Esik 397 Royal Paladin
 Mr Pablo 467 Master Sorcerer
 Mr Ungreezovsky 447 Master Sorcerer
 Muscletech 400 Elder Druid
 Muuscle 479 Master Sorcerer
 Myk 424 Elder Druid
 Naajaak Naajaak 401 Royal Paladin
 Najebana Towarem 402 Elder Druid
 Necrozzy 418 Master Sorcerer
 Negativ 427 Master Sorcerer
 No Siema 448 Elder Druid
 Norsky Brate 402 Elder Druid
 Numath 400 Royal Paladin
 Opancerzony Czolg 419 Elite Knight
 Ouizza 409 Elite Knight
 Pablo Lord 414 Royal Paladin
 Pal Ek 416 Royal Paladin
 Payne Magic 426 Master Sorcerer
 Piksa Ek 401 Elite Knight
 Podoficer 399 Royal Paladin
 Pogo 425 Royal Paladin
 Polewaj 407 Royal Paladin
 Prezes 392 Elder Druid
 Pro Koxer 397 Elite Knight
 Przemo Paralyzer 397 Elder Druid
 Przepadzisty Ujac 400 Master Sorcerer
 Pussi Reload 405 Elder Druid
 Queerc 421 Master Sorcerer
 Ra's Al Ghul 400 Elite Knight
 Ratava 393 Royal Paladin
 Reiis 400 Master Sorcerer
 Rikonia 412 Royal Paladin
 Rockin 456 Elder Druid
 Rocky Balboa 410 Master Sorcerer
 Rod 408 Master Sorcerer
 Royal Ungreez 403 Royal Paladin
 Rozkurwiator 397 Elite Knight
 Say'ko 412 Elder Druid
 Serorazdwatrzy 401 Elder Druid
 Shenaky 411 Elder Druid
 Shibor 412 Master Sorcerer
 Shizzer 460 Elder Druid
 Shogun 405 Elder Druid
 Skyo 404 Master Sorcerer
 Slepak 398 Royal Paladin
 Sprawdzmy To 413 Elite Knight
 Syndykatorr 408 Royal Paladin
 Szakal 393 Elite Knight
 Szogun 450 Master Sorcerer
 Szuwar 416 Master Sorcerer
 Tadzmachalski Lowca 410 Master Sorcerer
 Tankza 450 Royal Paladin
 The Titan 394 Royal Paladin
 Tokyo 450 Elder Druid
 Torex 457 Royal Paladin
 Toyka 467 Royal Paladin
 Tragic Magic 397 Elder Druid
 Treaton 442 Royal Paladin
 Tytanum 401 Master Sorcerer
 Vader 397 Elder Druid
 Vantage 451 Master Sorcerer
 Wale Cie Na Leb 411 Elder Druid
 Wale Konia 405 Royal Paladin
 Warlockk 451 Royal Paladin
 Wieniek 410 Elite Knight
 Wyimaginowany 412 Master Sorcerer
 Wynza Robie 416 Royal Paladin
 Xantiss 403 Royal Paladin
 Xavato 392 Elder Druid
 Xena 492 Royal Paladin
 Yerba Rashback 433 Elder Druid
 Ysiek 390 Royal Paladin
 Zadde 440 Royal Paladin
 Zjarany Gostek 398 Elder Druid
 Zyto Bandyto 419 Elder Druid

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