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 Character Information
 Name:  Awaryjny Karoleda
 Sex: male
 Profession: Master Sorcerer
 Level: 339
 World: Thornera
 Guild Membership: Last of the COMBO UE RELOAD
 Balance: 0 gold coins
 Last login: 4 months ago
 Created: 4 months ago
 Character views: 286
 Health: 1840/1840
 Stamina:39:56 of 42:00
 Experience:339 Level, 639941326 experience
 To Next Level:64% left (3661474 experience needed)

Level ML Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Def Fishing
339 89 10 10 10 10 10 24 10

PvP Statistics
 Kills/Deaths Ratio
 Frags: 7
 Deaths: 18
 Assists: 40

Quests Completed
Quests: 6/62
Tasks: 0/32
Addons: 5/46
 Dreamer's Challenge Rank: Novice Postman Rank: no rank
 Daily Quest0%
 The New Frontier Quest0%
 Children of the Revolution Quest0%
 The Ape City Quest0%
 Wrath of the Emperor Quest0%
 The Spirit Will Get You Quest0%
 A Father's Burden Quest0%
 An Interest In Botany Quest0%
 Royal Rescue Quest0%
 The Thieves Guild Quest0%
 Isle of Evil Quest0%
 Tomes of Knowledge Quest0%
 Helmet of the Ancients Quest0%
 Kissing a Pig Quest0%
 Unnatural Selection Quest0%
 Uneasy Alliance Quest0%
 Sea of Light Quest0%
 Postman Quest0%
 The Inquisition Quest100%
 The Pits of Inferno Quest100%
 Elemental Spheres Quest0%
 Dreamer's Challenge Quest100%
 Senja Castle Quest0%
 The Annihilator Quest0%
 Demon Helmet Quest100%
 In Service of Yalahar Quest100%
 The Firewalker Boots Quest0%
 The Demon Oak Quest100%
 Dwarven Armor Quest0%
 Barbarian Test Quest0%
 Barbarian Quest: Greenhorn Arena0%
 Barbarian Quest: Scrapper Arena0%
 Barbarian Quest: Warlord Arena0%
 Draconia Quest0%
 To Outfox a Fox Quest0%
 Koshei the Deathless Quest0%
 Parchment Room Quest0%
 The Paradox Tower Quest0%
 Yakchal Mission0%
 Crystal Wand Quest0%
 Elvenbane Quest0%
 Vampire Shield Quest0%
 Behemoth Quest0%
 The Queen of the Banshees Quest0%
 Necromancer Quest0%
 Deeper Fibula Quest0%
 Crusader Helmet Quest0%
 Fire Axe Quest0%
 Circle Room Quest0%
 Shadowthorn Quest0%
 Orc Fortress Quest0%
 Naginata Quest0%
 Mad Mage Room Quest0%
 Black Knight Quest0%
 Bright Sword Quest0%
 DTD Quest0%
 Ornamented Shield Quest0%
 Triangle Tower Quest0%
 Lighthouse Quest0%
 The Desert Dungeon Quest0%
 Lands Quest0%
 The Forgotten Quest0%
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 4 months agoKilled at level 340 by Cheerieq Lewa Reka, Pixxi and Psotnik.
 4 months agoKilled at level 341 by Dzaks Here, Sir Ketszot and See You Soon.
 4 months agoKilled at level 342 by Petrochemia Reload, Sir Dany Dflg and Gownojo.
 4 months agoKilled at level 343 by Painuss, Avake and Sir Michal.
 4 months agoKilled at level 344 by Fakkar Far Din, Hestril and Arzmatinn.
 4 months agoKilled at level 345 by Expilian, Pixxi and Mielon.
 4 months agoKilled at level 346 by Shogun, Falszywyy and Tullo.
 4 months agoKilled at level 347 by Ik Neuk Jullie Moer, Coca Cola and Hestril.
 4 months agoKilled at level 348 by Andrzej Na Rowerze, Hestril and Nozyk On Cocaine.
 4 months agoKilled at level 350 by Arzmatinn, Coca Cola and Shogun.

 4 months ago He fragged Her Bright Skies at level 430. War Related
 4 months ago He fragged Petrochemia Reload at level 364. War Related
 4 months ago He fragged Kielon Mastah at level 359. War Related
 4 months ago He fragged Nafukany Elektryk at level 394. War Related
 4 months ago He fragged Lolisek Bolisombard at level 378. Justified
 4 months ago He fragged Wypas at level 353. War Related
 4 months ago He fragged Jeb Jebudu at level 303. Justified
 4 months ago He fragged Klakierr Ed at level 304. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Red Haired Shanks at level 241. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Kobi at level 301. Justified
 4 months ago He fragged Rogu at level 133. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Snare at level 241. Justified
 4 months ago He fragged Rafioza at level 334. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Vanheden at level 234. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Fabre Saint at level 390. War Related
 4 months ago He fragged Karol Rp at level 348. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Bitch at level 390. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Szczepan Palmyto at level 312. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Ww at level 176. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Torcik at level 331. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Karol at level 394. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Bitch at level 387. Unjustified
 4 months ago He fragged Awaryjny Karoleda at level 300. Justified
 4 months ago He fragged Messi Back Ots at level 326. Justified
 Account Information
 Created: 4 months ago
 Name Level
 Awaryjny Karoleda 339 Master Sorcerer

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