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Events >> Castle War

Castle War Event starts:
Everyday at 9:00 PM CET

There can join up to 4 guilds to the Castle War Event.
Wins Guild, which kill or inflict the most damage to the King of the Castle.
If the King does not die then Castle War Event will end after 30 minutes.
Joining: when Castle War Event is starting and you are guild leader you can write command: "!castle". All guild members who stand in protection zone will be teleported to the Castle.
Command "!castle" can be executed only in protection zone by guild leader with level 120 or higher.
During the event at the Castle there is normally PvP.
If you die you can return (maximum one time per 5 minutes) by command: "!castleback".

Reward: participants of the winning Guild with level 100+ will receive 5-10 crystal coins + random valuable item.
Another reward is access to the Castle and private Training Monks. Available by command: "!tocastle".
Access to the Castle for the participants of the winning Guild lasts until the next Castle War Event.

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