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IP Address:  |  Port: 7171  |  Client: 8.6

Events >> Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag event starts:
Everyday at 8:00 PM CET

In the middle arena there is located a flag - your team have to take it to to the acquired base.
To take over the base you have to stand around the base in the superiority.
An acquired base is shown by the suspended flags.
Teams receive points for: bringing the flag to the base: 150, taking over the tower: 60.
Capture The Flag event ends after 30 minutes or when any team will reach 1200 points.

Joining: when Capture The Flag event is starting you can write command: "!ctf join".
Command "!ctf join" can be executed only in protection zone by players with level 80 or higher. When you type it you will be teleported to arena and added to blue or red team.
There can join up to 80 players (maximum fighters: 40 vs 40).
If you die you will be teleported to the team's base - you will not lose experience/skills/loot.
After death you have to wait up to 60 seconds to fight again.
You can not attack your team mates. In the event Ultimate Explosions spells are disabled.
While joining to the event your all stealth rings will be removed.
Winner team receive item as a reward.

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