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Most powerful guilds

6190 frags

5253 frags

Time 2 Die
2438 frags

Dark Unit
1140 frags
Castle's owner: Currently no one

Best KDR - last 7 days
2.Sir Koksu3.2
3.Marcin Dolecki3.0
4.Johny Bravo2.0
5.Sir Oskar1.9
8.Schabowy One1.0
10.Byczek Byczus0.6
13.Schabowy Four0.0

29.04.17 - Increased experience stage!

Experience stage is increased to 1.5x until 04.05.2017 (07:00 AM)!

See you in game!
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06.04.17 - New Thornera!

What can you find on Thornera and what is hard to find on other servers?

Perfectly prepared Real Map
Have you ever been for example in Isle of Evil? :)
Map: RL Map + 10 cities (Oken, Gengia, Pyre + 4 cities on Lands + 3 isles)

Balanced Professions
There are perfectly balanced professions on our server. We have spent many hours with calculators to make all runes and spells exactly the same as in RL. We have also added new spells from 8.7 update.
We want to make game more dynamic so cooldown for spells were reduced, attack speed will be slightly faster, experience stage is increased.

Detailed PvP Statistics
You can check for example Kills/Deaths Ratio of every player both in game and on the website.

All Quests are similar to RL (there are also ALL 9 Quests on Zao!)
There is also Daily Quest.

Quest Log
There is fully working Quest Log (with missions), almost all your done quests and missions will be noticed here.
You will find also for example information how many monsters you have killed in every mission of Killing in the Name of Quest.

You can start the game normally from the Mainland (it depends on your choice while you are creating a new character). But if you like Rookgaard... You can choose the citizenship of this city and become a Rookstayer! There are ALL the quests exactly the same like in RL (including the addon quests). Furthermore, we have added completely new solutions and we have made also a custom arena and a village with houses.
Also 5 new spawns on oldschool RL Rookgaard map are waiting for you!
Rookstayers have new Experience Stage in this edition - check Server Info.

We edited loot & attacks & hp of more then 600 monsters to make it exactly like in RL! Loot has been made anew, completly from nothing.

It is the next huge advantage of our server. We have prepared almost 60 raids based on RL! Raids have been made with such details as for example when Orcs Attack: Carlin, Thais or Femor Hills you can loot from one Orc Warlord a part of the Amazon Set.

Advanced and very functional website
You can find here a lot of informations, statistics and rankings here.

Referral System
If somebody while creating an account player puts your nick into a box "Referrer name" and achieves level 350 and 400, you both will get free premium points in the shop.
Every time a referred player makes a purchase to get premium points, your account will get 10% of those points! Of course the referred player won't lose any of his points. After logging in you will be able also to check how many points you earned by referrals.

Available events: Massive Team Battle, Capture The Flag, Castle War, Last Man Standing, Fire Storm Event, Zombie Plague Attack.

Available games: Snake, Pacman, Bomberman, Football, Casino.

First 300 registered accounts with at least one character will get 100 premium points for free!

Short movie, created 6 years ago :)

We are changing for you - Thornera - We strive for perfection

See you in game!
Your team


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